About the Author

Monica Strobel is a charismatic speaker, passionate coach and trainer and the quintessential positive thinker.

She draws on a wealth of professional expertise, practical optimism and passion for helping others achieve their success with simple tools designed to be used not just learned.

She displays her desire for making a positive difference in the world, in her new book, The Compliment Quotient, and all of her creative endeavors. She’s long been recognized for her inspiring, can-do attitude and uplift-others approach, throughout a 25-year career in nonprofits, business, government and volunteer service.

Monica’s work as an author, executive director, in marketing, communications and fundraising has received numerous awards and critical acclaim, including appearances on TV and radio across the country.



  • Professional inspirational and motivational speaker
  • Published author and writer
  • Experience as an entrepreneur, freelancer, small business woman and consultant
  • Expert in marketing, public relations, communications, fundraising, policy and program development



Monica is a communications expert with 25 years experience designing and implementing successful social marketing, community affairs, public relations and programmatic campaigns, including award-winning outreach and partnership efforts. Her background of service ranges from environmental issues of renewable energy and sustainable transportation to efforts focused on children and seniors.


Generations In Touch — Founder and Owner
Transportation Solutions Foundation – Executive Director
Small Business Owner – Freelance communications, public relations, events, writing
The Children’s Hospital Foundation – Coordinator of Corporate Relations
Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (Colorado Office of Energy Conservation) – Public Affairs Manager
Golf Plus, Corporate Sports/Special Events – Co-owner


  • Mother of three
  • Resides in metro Denver, Colorado
  • Native of Chicago and Downers Grove, Illinois
  • Graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder
  • VISTA volunteer service


Monica leveraged saying nice things (“or don’t say anything at all”) into personal and career success, going from shy and reserved to interested and engaging. She learned to keep her positive attitude while maneuvering through life’s triumphant and chaotic times alike–growing up in a family of eight, enduring “dumb Pollack” and dumb blonde jokes, raising children long-distance from family, going through divorce, and as a busy working mother of three. People find themselves telling her all kinds of things as she makes others feel at home and appreciated!

Monica grew up in the Chicago metro area, graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder, and resides in the Denver area, loving the Rocky Mountain lifestyle and inspiring her three children to put their best foot forward, find something positive to say and always know which way is west.