Monica Strobel grew up in a large Midwestern family, playing dress-up in fancy cast-offs, running a fabulous cardboard kitchen, dancing the polka at big wedding receptions and listening to WLS on a transistor radio under the night-time covers.

Childhood Love and Mayhem

In a house full of family and yard full of friends, Monica learned, played and created vigorously. As she and her four sisters elbowed each other over their dollhouse, her parents found a second make-believe structure she adored: a sky-scraper– with an elevator that delivered little plastic figures to stores, offices, and homes as you wound it up and down. She also loved playing in the sandbox with a tractor-trailer of farm animals, running a table-top hockey game and tossing a football with her dad and their “team”—along with flying kites, fishing and ice skating. Her mom sewed the girls matching outfits, amidst the many creative homemaking endeavors she role models to this day. Perhaps all of this is why Monica knows about sharing, digging in to get things done, caring for the earth and others– and still likes to say nice things.

Head West, Young Woman

The second child of six (they finally added a brother to the mix) and second in her high school class (number two always tries harder, right?) she left the Land of Lincoln for Colorful Colorado. There Monica fell under the legendary curse of Native American Chief Niwot, who is said to have warned that anyone who gazed upon Boulder’s Flat Irons peaks was destined to return. After graduating from University of Colorado, neither backpacking through Europe nor service as a VISTA Volunteer in Arkansas broke the curse, and she’s lived in the Denver area since.

Frontiers Woman

Monica skinned knees and sprained ankles, sowed wild oats and raised a few eyebrows while experiencing her share of life’s ups and downs, including both marriage and divorce. She is now raising three children with a healthy dose of that Frontier attitude, learning what it means to make a difference, and always knowing which way is west.

Idealist and Ideas Muse

Monica has made her professional career in communications, public affairs and program management for nonprofits, in government service and as a small business woman, always working to leave the planet better than when she arrived and help the vulnerable among us.  Along the way, she’s delivered meals to elderly shut-ins and mentored young girls, too.

Now a multi-tasking-working-middle-aged mom, she’s eagerly sharing her life-tested strategies to empower busy women to accomplish what they need to with more ease, lightness and joy, since they ‘set the table’ for their children and families. She’s determined to enjoy more of the ride with fellow travelers along the way, and help heal the planet, one kind word-and-deed at a time.