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The Compliment Quotient

Boost Your Spirits, Spark Your Relationships and Uplift the World


SECTION ONE    Unlocking Your Compliment Quotient

INTRODUCTION   Attitude, Relationships and Love

Chapter 1   Why Compliments, Why Now?

Chapter 2   Nine Qualities That Make Compliments So Nourishing

Chapter 3   Eight Ways Compliments Are More Powerful Than You Think

SECTION TWO   Dissecting the Compliment Quotient

Chapter 4   What Is — and Isn’t — a Compliment?

Chapter 5   Four Essentials of an Effective Compliment

SECTION THREE   Relationships and Your Compliment Quotient

Chapter 6   Why Everyone Will Benefit From A Compliment Practice

Chapter 7   Relationship: Yourself– Use Compliments to Boost Your Own Bliss

Chapter 8   Relationship: Your Partner/Spouse– Rouse Your Romance With a Compliment Mindset

Chapter 9   Relationship: Your Family– Nourish Your Family Through Compliments

Chapter 10   Relationship: Your Friends– Add Compliments to Buoy Your Friendships

Chapter 11   Relationship: Others– Expand Your Positive Impact

SECTION FOUR   The Compliment Quotient Way of Life

Chapter 12   How to Take a Compliment

Chapter 13   Creating a Compliment Culture