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NEW RELEASE 2/13:   Increase Results at Work and in Relationships with Compliments- World Compliment Day

Less Holiday Stress? Add More Compliments to the Menu

Or contact Mariko Drouin at or 630-303-3435.

Recent Interviews/Appearances

Dec 12 ABC 7News TV The Denver Channel Weekend-Morning: Add Compliments to the Menu for Happier Holidays; 5 tips to reduce stress with compliments with Anchor Christine Chang

Dec. 10 WGCV  620  S Carolina  Health, Wealth and Happiness Gary Pozsik Half-hour Interview

Aug HuffPost Live   Real-time interactive web interview with expert panel: Compliments and Kids: Help or Hurt?

Aug FOX23 TV Albany New York  Back to School Tips for Parents for Building Self-Confidence in their Students with Praise and Appreciation Done Right

December 14 KKTV-11 CBS Noon News TV Tips for Giving More Compliments for Happier Holidays

November 23 DivaTalkRadio Interview with Kelli Claypool, why and how women benefit from giving more compliments and a complimentology approach to successful relationships

Sept 29  The Power of We radio interview with Maryanne Comaroto and David Raynal, Great Relationships and The Compliment Quotient  show (45 minutes).

Sept 22 Charlotte Today WCNC NBC  TVGiving and Receiving Compliments segment; 5 tips for meaningful compliments with Colleen Odegaard and Rob Tanner

Sept 19 Los Angeles KTLA-TV KTLA Power of Giving and Compliments Author Monica Strobel 9-19-11 with Morning News team Michaela, Erica, Sam and Mark.

Sept 15 San Diego Morning News FOX 5 TV How Compliments Arouse Romance, withShally Zomorodi, morning news anchor and Compliments and Work and Parenting Success, with Erica Fox, morning news anchor.

Sept 1  New Day Cleveland, FOX-8, TV Cleveland, OH, Feature segment with Kristi Capel, 5 tips How Compliments Boost Romance

August 2011 COSMOPOLITAN Expert resource for Love & Lust FOR KEEPS “Is it okay to flirt?” Columnist Kristina Grish

June 28, 2011 FMMY Talk Radio. Hour episode of “From My Mamas’ Kitchen” BlogTalk Radio with Johnny Tan, author and personal leadership expert, Art of Compliments.

June 24, 2011 Pittsburgh Today Live KDKA-TV Segment: Create More Joy by Giving More Compliments here, with “5 Ways to Give More Meaningful Compliments.” Feature segment with Kristine Sorensen.

June 22, 2011 The 10! Show NBC 10 TV Philadelphia Rev-up Your Romance with More Compliments. Feature segment with Lu Ann Cahn.

June 8, 2011 Good Day Colorado, Fox 31, Denver TV feature segment, How to Give a Great Compliment. On-the-set interview with Melody Mendez.

June 5, 2011, Boomer Nation Radio, 860 AM/WLSS 930 AM Sarasota, FL, Interview with Terri Benincasa “You Loook Maaaahvelous!”

June 3, 2011, Dresser After Dark, Interview on the Power of Compliments, with Michael Ray Dresser, Milwaukee, WI

May 25, 2011 Family Talk Radio, Half-hour interview with Dr. Daisy Sutherland aka “Dr. Mommy” “How Giving a Compliment Will Boost Your Joy”

May 24, 2011 KEDT Public Radio “Mid-day Report” Interview with Shane Barker (South Texas Public Broadcasting)

May 10, 2011, CBS 11 Colorado Springs KKTV Noon News Feature with Stacia Naquin, Power of Compliments

May 2, 2011, The Denver Post, “Improve Your Relationships with Compliment Quotient”

April 20, 2011, The Bouncing Back Now Show on Real Coaching TV, One-hour Skype feature interview with Donna Marie Thompson

April 13, 2011, Stay Happily Married show, with Ned Daze in the segment: Look at Him with Fresh Eyes, Podcast Interview featuring  secrets to restoring the luster in your relationship with compliments.

April 11, 2011, University of Denver, publishing panel forum, with Jo Myers, Reggie Rivers and Patti Thorn

April 3, 2011, Author Openhouse and Book Signing  Littleton, CO

Jan 22, 2011 Community Open House Series and Book Launch Fredericksburg, VA- “Complimentology”  Understanding the power of compliments: Uncovering the 5 myths of compliments to transform your life, relationships, the world.

“Thanks for organizing today’s talk on the power of complements. I agree wholeheartedly in the importance of joyfully giving away something that costs nothing and means the world to the person receiving the complement.” Bernadette Hyland

January 21, 2011 “World could use ‘complimentology’Real Life » Cathy Dyson; Fredericksburg, VA The Free Lance-Star

Newest Imprint Nancy Cleary, publisher, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing

Behavior and Relationships Ezine Q & A Interview with Michael Toebe

Dec 1, 2010– ConsciousSHIFT Radio, One-hour interview with Host Julie Ann Turner “Toward A Compliment Culture”

“It was wonderful to showcase you and your wonderful work(s) with the CONSCIOUSSHIFT audience!” Host Julie Ann Turner, Dec. 3, ’10

Multiple prior news interview appearances in past 15 years, including:

December 2, 2009  9News Mornings KUSA – 6:20 Sidebar (for the Share A Cycle Program)

Media Releases

Media Release – 5 Tips to Use Compliments for Happier Holidays 11-15-11

Media Release and Review   Survey Indicates Lack of Compliments Mirrors Relationship “Glitch” 4-5-11

Media Release – Couples Rekindle Missing Passion with More Compliments 2-9-11

Media Release – Unleash the Power of Compliments for More Joy, Kinder World_1-26-11

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Interview Ideas

Invite Monica Strobel, The Complimentolgist, to talk with you and/or your audience (Upbeat, positive, fun, engaging talent):

Suggested Questions

Why are compliments more powerful than we think? (Three myths)

How do compliments spark romantic desire? (Four relationship tips)

What makes a great compliment and what are some juicy examples? (Three essentials)

Why we don’t take compliments well and how to change this (Three tips)

Compliments vs brown-nosing or come-ons? (Three tips)

What qualities/virtues/spiritual fundamentals are rolled up into a compliment? (Five examples)

Interactive Opportunities

Ask listeners/readers to call/comment with:

♦  the most memorable compliment listeners/readers ever received- and why

♦  who they compliment most and why

♦  do we have to compliment members of the opposite sex differently these days?

♦  the go-to compliment they use

♦  whether it is okay to compliment on looks

♦  whether you can ever compliment too  much

♦  whether men and women compliment/appreciate compliments differently